The Jabra Speak 810 Review

Business meetings are important and there is a requirement to start a meeting quickly with ease and on time. The Jabra Speak 510, a speakerphone already in the market from Jabra, helps in all these aspects and, being a familiar user of the Jabra Speak 510, You can quickly and easily start a conference allowing yourself or yourself and a couple of colleagues to huddle round a small table for example with a laptop and the portable speaker.

I am not reviewing this device.

This is a review of the new Jabra Speak 810!

I will start by saying, I will make this review as honest as I can, formed from my own opinions and also that I am not paid or employed by Jabra. 

This device is clearly aimed at larger meeting rooms and is built upon the tried and tested features and quality of the Jabra Speak 510 portable speaker. Whereas the Jabra Speak 510 is compact, portable and suitable for the home office, ad hoc meetings and small rooms (2-4 users), the Jabra Speak 810 has a target room size of 15 people and would be a device that would be left in the conference room for meetings.

jabra speak 810

Jabra Speak 810 size

You can see the size of it from the picture above. It is 14 Inches x 7.5 Inches and by no means small. I also have it side by side the Jabra Speak 510 for a real comparison if you know the UFO/hockey puck speaker.

jabra speak 510 and jabra speak 810

Side by side

The target meeting room size, as I have mentioned already, is for up to 15 people in a conference room 10m x 10m. There are 4 built-in microphones and they have a good reach in this environment. Jabra calls these ‘Zoom Talk Microphones’ and describes then as ‘Intelligent directional microphones that focus on human voice and not noise’. They can eliminate ambient sounds and room echo, including eating and keyboard typing. The device is designed to remain static with its Kensington lock slot and unlike the Jabra Speak 510, there is no internal battery and no protective case.

As you can imagine, connectivity to this device has been considered well and it is quick to set up. Firstly, there is a USB cable to plug in a laptop (drivers installed quickly), then we have Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices, tablets and phones, NFC and a 3.5mm jack connection. With Bluetooth, the Jabra Speak 810 will also allow audio streaming to it for podcasts. There is also a mobile phone charging port on the device should you need it. This feature may seem like a bit of a strange one to add but there may be that one time you want to hold an audio conference on your mobile phone and it needs that charge.

Underneath the Jabra Speak 810 is the storage area for the USB and 3.5mm jack cable and the power connector. This sturdy unit also has soft non slip foam pads on the bottom to stop it sliding around a polished conference room table.

jabra speak 810

USB Charging slot

Jabra Speak 810

Underneath the Jabra Speak 810

The status lights are bright and informative and follow the circumference of the speaker referencing the volume level. If you are familiar with the Jabra Speak 510, you will be familiar with this. The Jabra Speak 810 is very simple to use. The touch sensitive buttons are responsive and work well providing power, pairing, call control and volume adjustments.

The audio quality is of high standard (Digital Signal Processing technology and HD Voice) and fills a meeting room. In a room suitable for 8 people, I did not have to have the device anywhere near full volume when testing. Participants on the other end of the audio calls could all hear the conference room participants clearly which would mean that the Zoom Talk Microphones were working. Based on the size and shape of the device, I think there are 2 speakers inside.

In conclusion and my own personal opinion, I like the device; the shape and style may not suit everyone’s taste, the device can be difficult to managed by IT centrally and some may say it is a little expensive. However, it is easy to use and gives a good sounding audio conference experience. You can hear the conference room participants clearly without echo, the microphone reach handled the conversations and you don’t feel like you need to bend over to talk to it. It feels solid, sturdy and looks very neat on a conference room table. Overall, it is hard to fault this device.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is £430 / €599.

All the best!


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